Overview of the UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation

The UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation (Development Corporation) came into effect on 1 January 2013 under the Growth Centres (Development Corporations) Act 1974 (Growth Centres Act). The Growth Centres Act is the primary legislation under which the Development Corporation operates.

The Development Corporation was previously known as the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA). The Development Corporation is distinct from UrbanGrowth NSW (a State Owned Corporation established under the Landcom Corporation Act 2001), however, it shares the same Chief Executive. It is a government agency, reporting to the Premier.

The purpose of the UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation is to drive housing and employment opportunities in specific areas serviced by public transport and infrastructure.

Role of the Development Corporation

The role of the Development Corporation includes:

  • - Working with transport and planning departments to identify precincts for renewal;
  • - Undertaking land use planning investigations and feasibility analyses;
  • - Delivering an overarching precinct plan;
  • - Coordinating transport and infrastructure planning;
  • - Planning for open space in identified precincts;
  • - Levying infrastructure contributions and entering into planning agreements;
  • - Dealing with land where appropriate;
  • - Borrowing and managing funds; and
  • - Partnering with public agencies and private entities when necessary.

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation administers its responsibilities within five designated growth centres: Redfern-Waterloo, Granville, Cooks Cove, The Bays and Parramatta North.