The Granville growth centre is located within Parramatta and Holroyd LGAs. The precinct occupies a strategic location in western Sydney, is well serviced by public transport and is identified as having high potential for social and economic growth. The Granville precinct has an approximate area of 264 hectares.

Whilst the precinct is defined as one area in the Urban Renewal SEPP Plan, it has three distinct and unique geographical communities comprising:

  • - Granville Town Centre
  • - Church St, "Auto Alley" Precinct
  • - Harris Park Precinct

The majority of the precinct is currently included as part of the study area for the Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Project being investigated for potential urban renewal by UrbanGrowth NSW.

The Development Corporation initially focussed on urban renewal opportunities for the Auto Alley sub-precinct. Auto Alley acts as the southern gateway to Parramatta CBD, is served by two railway stations and a number of bus services, and contains predominantly large land holdings that are unaffected by either heritage items or strata development.

Between 16 May and 6 June 2012, the Development Corporation, in collaboration with Parramatta and Holroyd City Councils, conducted a non-statutory public exhibition of potential land use and development concepts for Auto Alley to the local community and stakeholders.

The Development Corporation has provided the outcomes of this study to Parramatta and Holroyd Councils and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. The Development Corporation is not currently pursuing development or new planning controls for the precinct and much of its work has now been considered and superseded by the Parramatta Road urban renewal work. The previous work provided to the Council may also assist in their ongoing strategic planning for the areas.


Granville Map