About Cooks Cove

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation has been administering the Cooks Cove Growth Centre under the Growth Centres (Development Corporations) Act 1974. In August 2014, the development corporation began working with Bayside Council and Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to determine a planning pathway for Cooks Cove.

DPE is producing a Land Use and Infrastructure Plan (LUIP) for Bayside West (Arncliffe, Banksia and Cooks Cove). When the LUIP is finalised, the development corporation will undergo a process to abolish the growth centre.

The plan identifies the northern portion of the Cooks Cove Precinct (north of the M5), as suitable for mixed use, residential development. The strategy recommends additional investigations into how future development within Cooks Cove can be a catalyst for providing a new local centre with homes, jobs, shops, cafes and restaurants, in an attractive, liveable and convenient place where people enjoy living, working and visiting.

Refer to DPE for further information.

The land identified in Cooks Cove Growth Centre is referenced in this map.


Cooks Cove growth centre is located in Arncliffe, 10 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. Cooks Cove is in close proximity to Sydney Airport and Port Botany, and is bordered by the Cooks River to the east. The site covers the existing Kogarah Golf Course and Club and Barton Park, along the foreshores of the Cooks River.