Sprout – Growing ideas for the Parramatta North heritage precinct

In early November 2016, community leaders, business owners, innovators, designers, artists, heritage experts, university students and academics came together at Parramatta North to hear and share ideas about future uses for the heritage core.

The day featured inspirational presentations, panel discussions, working sessions, site tours and displays.

Ideas from Sprout report

Ideas from Sprout report

We are pleased to announce the release of ‘Ideas from SPROUT’, a report summarising the ideas presented in November.

Take a look at the video below to see how local school students became involved on the day.

Parramatta North | Collaborative Learning

Parramatta North | Sprout Highlights

On 10 and 11 November 2016 the Parramatta North Urban Transformation Program held a number of panel discussions, working sessions, inspirational presentations, site tours and displays to help us grow ideas for the Parramatta North heritage core.

Parramatta North | Sprout | Message from Geoff Lee MP

Sprout | Morning Session - Project in Context

Sprout | Morning Session - Making Great Places

Sprout | Health & Education Panel Discussion

Sprout | Environment & Community Panel Discussion

Sprout | Ideas Presentations

Presentations from Sprout

Here you can view and download the presentations from Sprout.

Context setting

  • Tasha Burrell, Program Director, UrbanGrowth NSW | Download (5MB)
  • James Adcock, Senior Development Manager, UrbanGrowth NSW | Download (16 MB)
  • Sue Weatherley, City of Parramatta | Download (4MB)
  • Ian Innes, Sydney Living Museums | Download (47MB)
  • Maria Cadena & Fabiana Alverez, UTS Masters Students | Download (3MB)
  • Parramatta North Project Maps | Download (7MB)


  • Luke Jones, UTS Masters Student | Download (3MB)
  • Brian Powyer, National Trust Australia | Download (2MB)
  • Andrew Quah, O-Vation Group, Creativism | Download (2MB)
  • Phil Bradley, Parramatta Climate Action Group / NPRAG | Download (1MB)
  • Gay Hendriksen, The Rowan Tree Heritage and Cultural Services | Download (1MB)
  • Ronda Gaffey | Download (8MB)
  • Molly Hibberd, ACME Architects | Download (64MB)
  • Toner Stevenson, Sydney Living Museums | Download (8MB)
  • Jason Burcher, Community Member | Download (65MB)
  • Finbar O'Donoghue, Community Member | Download (33KB)

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  • I don't feel you can show people many grassed areas and tell folk we have to save it. I think one has to show inside the old buildings so it becomes more real as to what happened there. We should be able to "touch" the history.

  • I like the idea of restoring and protecting the heritage in the area, but heritage is only with protecting if people can actually engage with it and use it. So I would be encouraging you guys to find ways to make sure it is accessible and attractive to the community, rather than just heritage for heritage's sake.

  • I think that the main sustainable use that could take place in the Parramatta North Heritage Precinct would be conservation and preservation - and the exploration of ways to minimise high-rise intrusion .. if at all possible(?).

    I am also interested in how a Land Council got given the old Parramatta Gaol (and how it can still be supervised etc. for adequate conservation) -- esp. seeing that the "other" group (who call themselves Darugs and say they are the true descendants of original people) have numerous times said, rightly or wrongly, that the Land Council concerned (Deerubins) are "fly-in" Aboriginal money men only concerned with exploiting possibilities for self-gain. All this is well known and has been well publicised .. at least to extent that anyone interested in such things is aware of this ongoing controversy. Without wishing to offend either side (and the Land Council I know states that no true Darugs anywhere still exist), and in the interests of genuine unbiased investigation, I would like to find any genuine effort by the Government to 'independently' try and find out who the true original inhabitants were. I have done some research on this matter myself, re the Parramatta Native Institution which was relocated westwards to the (old) Blacks Town area on Richmond Road .. at the current (newish) suburb of Colebee.

    My strong interest in the (Parramatta) area has been re the old MILLS history and I have a webpage on that.

    I would like to find anyone else with similar interests.

  • I hope you are being honest and transparent. I believe, and you can refute it, that there will be a light rail network through the precinct, that a school for a thousand children is planned for O'Connell St in anticipation of the influx of new residents in an already densely populated area and that Crown lands will be annexed for the purpose of high density, poorly designed housing that will cast a long shadow over any refurbishment of historic buildings. It is a truly peaceful and beautiful area, an area for the least advantaged people of our society, people with a mental illness. I hope I am wrong. I hope you, the Baird government and Mr Lee, don't plan to plunder our wealth to fill your coffers.

  • Please protect our heritage for our children!!! I would like to see the community be very much involved....... Don't forget us!!!