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UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation’s focus is on the orderly and economic development of land within the 350 hectare Redfern Waterloo Growth Centre. 

We fund initiatives to drive housing and employment opportunities and deliver public benefits. We have three main responsibilities:

  • Administering the Contributions Plan which levies money from new development to fund local infrastructure projects in the area
  • Administering the Affordable Housing Contributions Plan which levies money from new development to fund affordable housing for low and moderate income households in the area
  • Supporting planning for a number of major urban renewal projects in the area in partnership with government land owners

The land identified within the Redfern Waterloo Growth Centre is included in the maps under State Environmental Planning Policy (Urban Renewal) 2010: (a) State Environmental Planning Policy (Urban Renewal) 2010 Redfern-Waterloo Potential Precinct Map.

For information about the Waterloo Estate, click here.

Urban renewal projects in Redfern Waterloo

Urban renewal projects in Redfern Waterloo

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation funded the Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program to explore opportunities to renew government land in the Redfern Waterloo Growth Centre.

The Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation Strategy was finalised in November 2016 as a reference document to guide district and local level planning. It outlines a vision and ‘ten key moves’ that will contribute to the long term success of the area’s transformation. The Strategy aims to deliver world-class urban transformation outcomes by using government land for public benefit to deliver more homes and workplaces alongside better public transport, new parks and community facilities.


Urban renewal projects

Planning for precincts of government land in the Redfern Waterloo Growth Centre is being led and coordinated as follows:

  • Redfern – a collaboration between Transport for NSW and UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation
  • North Eveleigh - a collaboration between Transport for NSW and UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation 
  • Waterloo – led by the Department of Family and Community Services under Communities Plus, in partnership with UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation 
  • South Eveleigh - led by the Department of Family and Community Services under Communities Plus.

Urban renewal outcomes

Precinct planning will explore opportunities to:


Deliver a broad and diverse supply of homes, including a long-term housing target of 5-10% affordable housing and new and more social housing. Learn more.

Public space

Create a network of interlinked, multi-purpose open spaces with good connections to where people live, work and visit. Learn more.

Community infrastructure

Deliver a diverse offering of community facilities and services for community wellbeing, integration and to support placemaking. Learn more.

Arts, heritage and culture

Celebrate the area’s cultural and creative diversity and strengths, deliver creative placemaking strategies with the community,  and support the development of a hub of contemporary art and culture. Learn more.

Transport and accessibility

Improve the area’s connectivity, explore opportunities to upgrade Redfern Station and built a new Metro station at Waterloo. Learn more.


Demonstrate contemporary excellence in design focussed on environmental resilience, healthy and inclusive places, and economically productive cities that enable the jobs of the future. Learn more.


Build on the strengths of the area's education, knowledge, digital and creative services and promote Redfern as a business innovation centre. Learn more.

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Public benefit initiatives

Public benefit initiatives

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation supports initiatives that deliver public benefits and promote economic growth and development within the Redfern Waterloo area.  This includes investing in creative and innovative projects that bring people, ideas and organisations together to help shape prosperous, safe and inclusive places.  Recent projects include:


  • Platform Apartments at North Eveleigh - In partnership with CityWest Housing we delivered 88 affordable housing apartments in North Eveleigh. The Platform Apartments are close to Redfern and Macdonald stations, bus routes and major employment and service areas. Construction commenced in early 2014 and was completed in February 2015.
Public space

Public space

  • Pocket park and landscaping at North Eveleigh – We have created a new pocket park off Wilson Street at North Eveleigh and funded new landscaping around Carriageworks.
Community infrastructure

Community infrastructure

  • Activation of the Clothing Store - We partnered with Carriageworks to activate the historic Clothing Store in Eveleigh to provide artists’ studios as well as free and low cost community workshops.
  • Activation of Yaama Dhiyaan - We partnered with TAFE NSW to activate the building on Wilson Street in Eveleigh to become the CEAD centre, and provide local certified training in construction, creative industries and to support social enterprises including Two Good Food.
Arts, heritage and culture

Arts, heritage and culture

  • External restoration of Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office - In mid 2017 we completed external restoration of the Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office on Wilson Street in Eveleigh. In August 2017 we marked the completion of works as part of a community open day commemorating the 100 year anniversary of The Great Strike of 1917.
  • Restoration of 40,000 years mural on Lawson Street - We have provided grant funding to the Redfern Station Community Group to maintain and restore the 40,000 years mural on Lawson Street in Redfern.


  • Technology Incubation Fund with Mirvac - As part of the sale of Australian Technology Park, we are working with Mirvac and Commonwealth Bank of Australia to promote new innovation and technology jobs in the Redfern area. A Technology Incubation Fund has been established to mentor and provide support to start-up businesses located at ATP.
  • IDX Awards in partnership with the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence – We sponsored the Entrepreneurship Category of the awards that recognised Indigenous entrepreneurs who start and grow innovative businesses. This facilitated partnerships between industry, government and innovators and fostered opportunities to strengthen creative, digital and high tech industries in the Redfern Waterloo area.
  • Emerge kickstarter events in partnership with Cicada Innovations – We sponsored events to support careers in innovation and promote Redfern as a centre for digital, technology and creative industries as part of a large cluster from White Bay through Chippendale to Redfern-Eveleigh.
Transport and accessibility

Transport and accessibility

  • Iverys Lane shared way – We created a shared way to provide improved and safer pedestrian access from North Eveleigh near Carriageworks to Wilson Lane and Iverys Lane.


  • North Eveleigh masterplan - We are finalising studies for North Eveleigh to be a walkable, low car dependency, low carbon, resource efficient and environmentally sensitive neighbourhood.
  • Urban food production research - We are supporting collaborative research with Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney and University of Sydney into local urban food production ecologies and how these can be integrated with urban transformation.

Redfern Waterloo Authority Contributions Plan

The Redfern Waterloo Authority Contributions Plan 2006  is administered by UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation. The Contributions Plan sets out the requirements for payment of development contributions paid by developers to contribute towards the cost of upgrading infrastructure for community benefit.

The Plan helps ensure funds are available to deliver new and upgraded infrastructure needed because of growth and development within the area.

The Contributions Plan applies to development of all land within the former Redfern Waterloo Authority’s Operational Area.

The Planning Minister is the consent authority for development that has a capital investment value of more than $10 million. The conditions of consent issued by the Planning Minister require that contributions are to be paid directly to UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation.

The City of Sydney is responsible for:

  • determining under ministerial delegation development applications under $10 million for development within the Operational Area
  • determining section 96 modification applications to consents previously issued by the Minister for sites within the Operational Area.

The City of Sydney conditions of consent require that contributions are paid directly to UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation.

Money received through the Contributions Plan goes towards a range of projects such as road and intersection upgrades, stormwater drainage works, community facilities including a new childcare centre and improvements to parks and open space.

The Works Schedule outlines specific projects to be funded through the collection of contributions.

Redfern Waterloo Affordable Housing Contributions Plan

The Affordable Housing Contributions Plan 2006 sets out development contributions levied on development within the former Redfern Waterloo Authority’s Operational Area. The contributions are to specifically fund the provision or refurbishment of affordable housing in the area.

Contributions rates are indexed and updated annually. View the current contributions rate effective from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Under the Affordable Housing Contributions Plan, funds collected are to be used for:

  • purchase of existing dwellings/buildings
  • refurbishment of established dwelling/buildings for the purpose of providing
  • additional affordable housing
  • purchase of newly constructed dwellings
  • construction of new dwellings.

Affordable housing is subsidised housing provided, usually to rent, to meet the needs of a range of low to moderate income households. It is usually considered affordable if it costs less than 30% of gross household income.

Money received through the contributions plan helped to fund the provision of 88 new homes in North Eveleigh at the Platform Apartments which opened in 2015. The apartments are managed by City West Housing, a not-for-profit community housing provider.

We are currently investigating additional projects with our government partners.

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