Waterloo Metro Quarter

UrbanGrowth NSW is working with Sydney Metro to create the Waterloo Metro Quarter, a vibrant mixed-use precinct featuring new homes, shops, community services and public plazas above the new metro station.  The Metro Quarter is bounded by Botany Road, Cope, Raglan and Wellington Streets.

UrbanGrowth NSW has submitted the State Significant Precinct (SSP) study for the Waterloo Metro Quarter to the Department of Planning and Environment for assessment. The SSP study outlines the NSW Government’s proposed plans for the Metro Quarter and seeks approval for new planning controls needed for the project to proceed.

The SSP study includes a comprehensive planning report, more than 20 technical studies and details of extensive community and stakeholder engagement.

Exhibition for the precinct has now closed. The SSP study is currently being assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Community Engagement

We would  like to thank the community for attending information sessions during the planning and exhibition phases for the Waterloo Metro Quarter. Over 2500 people provided feedback that will help shape the Metro Quarter and create an exciting new Metro precinct .  

More information on how we engaged with the community can be found here

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The Metro Quarter will deliver:

Approximately 700 new homes, including 5 - 10 percent affordable and 70 social housing units to help improve choice and affordability

A highly connected, active transport hub including a bus interchange, cycleways, bicycle facilities and through site links

A new Cope Street plaza reinforces a sense of welcome and arrival to Waterloo and provides an area for the community to gather

A new Raglan Street Plaza and Forecourt featuring street trees, park benches and outdoor dining

Space for art, culture and live entertainment

A trio of taller buildings that identify the Metro Quarter, support vertical villages and enhance passive surveillance

Approximately 4000m2 for a selection of local shops, restaurants and cafes that will bring life to the street and the public domain, making the area active and vibrant both day and night

Approximately 9000m2 for other non-residential space including at least 2000m2 of community uses

Access to jobs closer to homes

Local streets redefined as slow streets with pedestrian priority , wider footpaths and safer pedestrian crossings

Waterloo Metro Quarter Video

Our Vision Principles

The following principles reflect the vision for the Metro Quarter and align with the community's priorities and aspirations 

Culture and Community Life

A place where there is activity day and night, where people feel safe, at ease and part of a cohesive and proud community.

A place that respects the land and Aboriginal people by showcasing and celebrating Waterloo's culture, history and heritage.

Transport, Streets and Connections

Integrate the new metro station and other modes of transport in such a way that anyone who lives, works or visits Waterloo can get around easily, safely and efficiently.

Prioritise the use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Housing and Neighbourhood Design

A place that meets the housing needs of people with different backgrounds, ages, incomes, abilities and lifestyles.

A place where everyone belongs.  New homes for social, affordable and private residents that are not distinguishable and are modern, comfortable, efficient, sustainable and adaptable.

Community Facilities, Human Services and Shops

A place that provides suitable and essential services and facilities  so that all residents have easy access to health, wellbeing, community support, retail and government services. 

Environment and Open Space

A place that promotes a walkable, comfortable and healthy lifestyle with high quality, well designed and sustainable buildings, natural features and safe open spaces for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age, culture or ability.

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