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Contact NSW Land and Housing Corporation

The NSW Government is planning to deliver the benefits of the Metro Quarter ahead of the wider Waterloo Estate redevelopment. Plans for the adjoining Waterloo Estate are currently being drafted and will available for community input shortly. For more information:

Waterloo Connect
Call: 1800 738 718
Visit: WaterlooConnect Office at 95 Wellington Street, Waterloo
Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

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Contact Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro
Phone: 1800 171 386

View the concept plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter

View the concept plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter

The Metro Quarter will be integrated with the new Waterloo Station and will deliver new homes, shops, community health services, a plaza and a new community facility. The Sydney Metro Station at Waterloo provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Waterloo one of the most connected inner-city places to live, work and visit.

The concept plan allows for approximately 700 apartments, including social and affordable housing; a new community facility; ground-level retail space, which could include a small supermarket, pharmacy, cafes and other specialty shops; and space for health services, commercial or shared office uses that provide jobs and services closer to home.

See a model of the concept plan (PDF file)

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What is the planning process for the Waterloo Metro Quarter?

In December 2015, the NSW Government made the decision to locate a new Metro station at Waterloo. The government has now announced that the Waterloo Metro Station will be delivered as an “integrated station development”, meaning that the Metro station underground and the buildings above it will be built at the same time. This will reduce the impacts of construction on the community and make the shops, homes and community facility available sooner.

Transport for NSW (Sydney Metro) and UrbanGrowth NSW have been working closely together to integrate planning for transport and land use at the Waterloo Metro Quarter.

Two linked planning processes are being undertaken to support urban renewal of the Waterloo Metro Quarter.

  • Sydney Metro is leading the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and a State Significant Development Application (SSDA). On 30 May 2018, Sydney Metro lodged a request with the DP&E for Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARS). This signals the formal commencement of the preparation of the EIS for the Waterloo Metro Quarter. The SSDA will seek approval for the building envelopes shown in the concept plan.
  • UrbanGrowth NSW lead the preparation of a State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study which recommends new zonings, building heights and building floor areas (floor space ratios or FSR) for the site, to deliver new shops, homes, a plaza and a community facility.

The documents were put on public exhibition by DPE and submissions sought from the public. Public exhibition concluded in January 2019.

Neighbouring the Waterloo Metro Quarter is the Waterloo Estate. The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) will continue to engage with the community about the preferred masterplan to redevelop the site.

Once the masterplan is approved, LAHC will then manage the redevelopment of the social housing estate over a 15-20 year period.

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Understand more about housing proposed for the Waterloo Metro Quarter

The new Metro station will make Waterloo one of the most connected inner-city places to live, work and visit. As Sydney grows and changes, it makes sense to locate new housing close to transport hubs and to provide services such as shops and community facilities nearby.

UrbanGrowth NSW has taken a design-led approach to planning the Waterloo Metro Quarter. Design of the Metro Quarter has been subject to, and has met, stringent study requirements. The distribution of buildings will be consistent with the NSW Apartment Design Guidelines, to provide sufficient space between each building and minimise overshadowing to public open space and adjoining units.

The heights of proposed towers are similar to those existing within the Waterloo social housing estate and at nearby centres such as Redfern, Zetland, Moore Park and Green Space Square Town Centre.

The proposed buildings range from three to 29 storeys and are shown in the concept plan. 

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Understand more about community spaces proposed for the Waterloo Metro Quarter

The Waterloo Metro Quarter has been designed to be safe and vibrant precinct day and night, with a mix of homes, shops and community spaces. From 2022, a new community facility, plaza, retail and homes will be available. From 2024, Sydney Metro will make Waterloo an activated precinct, with fast and reliable turn up and go services 21 hours a day.

A new plaza will become the centre of community life at the Metro Quarter with seating, landscaping, and a range of shops and services. It will be a place for people to shop, meet and gather.

Health and retail services, along with options for other work spaces and employment opportunities, will be incorporated into the Metro Quarter Precinct, with identified places specifically set aside to provide a range of retail offerings at different price points.

Wider footpaths, options for walking and cycling, along with integrated and increased public transport choices combined with active, open green spaces for community participation means a more connected and cohesive community.

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Understand more about transport proposed for the Waterloo Metro Quarter

The Metro Quarter will be a new public transport hub that connects Metro, buses, "kiss and ride" and active transport. From 2024, turn up and go Metro services will run 21 hours a day, helping to create a safe and accessible community hub, day and night.

The installation of new, wide footpaths through the site, low speed limits for local roads and new street crossings at Raglan and Wellington Streets will prioritise pedestrians and their safety. In addition, cycling around the Metro Quarter will be encouraged by providing on-street bicycle parking, bicycle storage and associated facilities.

There will be limited car parking for residents – 50 spaces in total are planned – and extensive car share services – 15 spaces are planned – for residents, to ensure that the Waterloo Metro Quarter is prioritises active and public transport.

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How will my feedback be used and what happens next?

The proposed plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter has been informed by the visioning engagement held by NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) in late 2017. During that engagement process, more than 1,570 people provided feedback across more than 40 consultation events.

We heard that people wanted the Metro Quarter to provide a range of shops and services, including affordable fresh food, spaces for health and wellbeing, a community facility, and a mix of social and affordable housing. All these uses are included in the proposed plan for the Metro Quarter.

During late May and June 2018, UrbanGrowth NSW undertook further engagement with the community to understand the community and cultural uses you would like to see at the Metro Quarter, as well as the design of the public domain. Close to 250 people were engaged across 11 community engagement events. Thank you to those people who took part and provided feedback. 

Prior to lodgement of the plan with DPE, UrbanGrowth NSW will publish on this website a summary of community feedback and identify how this feedback has informed the submitted plan for the Waterloo Metro Quarter. If there are areas where community feedback has not been incorporated into the plan, UrbanGrowth NSW will explain why this is the case.

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