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Community Feedback

In December 2018, we held four public information sessions on the proposed design for the new Sydney Fish Market as part of our ongoing engagement with community. We issued an open invitation for people interested in the project to attend sessions at Glebe and Broadway to learn more about the design, speak directly to our project team and provide feedback on the issues that matter to them.

More than 200 people attended the sessions, demonstrating a high level of interest in this iconic project that will kick start the long-awaited revitalisation of Blackwattle Bay.

The key things we learned:

By the Numbers

  • 225 people attended information sessions at St Barnabas Church, Glebe Markets and Broadway Shopping Centre in December 2018.

  • 68.4% of attendees expressed favourable sentiment towards the design of the new Sydney Fish Market.

The Design

In our conversations with the community, the design of the new Sydney Fish Market was generally well received. There was agreement at each of the sessions on the importance of maintaining visibility of the auction and operational elements, showcasing them as integral to the authenticity of the site as a working fish market.

Bike Paths and Public Plazas

At each of the information sessions, many members of the community expressed positive feedback regarding the new shared pedestrian/cycle path, the plan for public plazas at each end of the new Sydney Fish Market, and news that the plans will not impact the current green space of Wentworth Park. Maintaining Wentworth Park as a public open space and protecting the Moreton Bay fig trees along Bridge Road was ranked as the number one important item from community feedback forms. Wentworth Park will remain public open space and the fig trees will be protected.

Traffic & Parking

People welcomed our proposal to limit the number of parking spaces to current number of 417 so as not to encourage more cars onto the roads. However, more detail regarding public transport solutions for the area was ranked as the second most important item from community feedback forms.

The new Sydney Fish Market will have better light rail access with three stations within 400m, as well as a new ferry service. We are working with government and a range of other stakeholders on a precinct-wide mobility strategy for the future which will consider, amongst other things, precinct-wide parking management. We will also be encouraging people to use public transport, improved pedestrian access through the surrounding communities, new cycling paths and ride share options

The widening of Bridge Road, and the introduction of traffic signals at the entrance to the new Sydney Fish Market, at the intersection of Wentworth Park Road and Bridge Road, were seen as necessary to improve the flow of traffic, increase pedestrian safety and better connect Wentworth Park to the Blackwattle Bay foreshore. Others raised concerns that the new signalised intersection and turning lanes will slow traffic on Bridge Road and create greater local traffic congestion during peak times.

Bridge Road will be widened by up to 12 metres on the same side as the fish market to accommodate drop off zones, cycle lanes and provide safer access for pedestrians. There will be better pedestrian and cycling connections and pathways along Bridge Road and improvements to the local traffic network.


Entry to the new car park will be from a new set of traffic lights at the intersection of Wentworth Park Road and Bridge Road and the new car park will be used more efficiently with people entering and exiting the building using smart parking technology.

Loading Dock

Having the loading docks located within the building (covered and mostly enclosed) was welcomed as a positive improvement for odour reduction, visitor safety, and would also help mitigate any noise from loading trucks. At each of the information sessions we heard some concerns about the potential for traffic noise early in the morning and at night arising from the extended trading hours.

We have undertaken a detailed noise report as part of the Development Application. This report outlines the noise sources during the construction and on-going operational phases of the new facility and sets out the mitigation measures. The full report will be available once the Development Application goes on Public Exhibition. 

Existing site

We fielded a number of questions about the plans for the existing Sydney Fish Market site and in particular what type of buildings are expected. A masterplan for Blackwattle Bay is being developed and will consider a number of design options for the area. Each option will include a mix of community facilities, open space, a promenade, pedestrian and cycling access, as well as residential, commercial and retail spaces.

Community consultation sessions for the Blackwattle Bay masterplan are expected to be held later this year. Redevelopment of the existing site will not commence before 2024 at the earliest.

Next Steps

This is a high-level summary of our information sessions capturing general feedback from more than 200 conversations.

We are currently finalising a Development Application for lodgement with the Department of Planning & Environment seeking planning approvals for the new Sydney Fish Market. 

The Development Application will propose construction of the new Sydney Fish Market at the head of Blackwattle Bay to maximise views towards the Anzac Bridge and reconnect the local area to Sydney Harbour. The improved public domain will also include a public promenade, new cycleways and better access to Blackwattle Bay.

Members of the community will have the opportunity to comment on these applications once they are lodged and placed on public exhibition.

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