All systems go on Parramatta North
All systems go on Parramatta North

All systems go on Parramatta North

UrbanGrowth NSW has welcomed the announcement by Premier Mike Baird and Planning Minister, Pru Goward, that they have given the go-ahead to the Parramatta North Urban Renewal Program, by declaring it a State Significant Site.

“The announcement signals that the next stage of the Parramatta North Urban Renewal Program can move ahead,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Chief Executive, David Pitchford.

“On a practical level the first step for UrbanGrowth NSW will be to lodge a rezoning application for the Cumberland Precinct and the Sports and Leisure Precinct.”

UrbanGrowth NSW is the lead agency on the Parramatta North Urban Renewal Program, working in consultation with 12 other government agencies, Parramatta Council, the local community, and heritage and interest groups, on how to achieve high quality transformation of government land holdings in Parramatta North, while also protecting the important heritage, in a coordinated and financially sustainable way.

Since November 2013, more than 300 meetings have been held with stakeholders, including representatives from heritage groups, indigenous groups and local businesses, as well as 1,340 local community members during the community drop-in sessions - bringing the total number of people with whom UrbanGrowth NSW has consulted to about 1800.

“We have always considered that consultation, cooperation and collaboration will be the key to the development of a successful strategy,” Mr Pitchford said.

“The community, Council and other stakeholders have all provided input to the revitalisation strategy as it has been developed through the consultation process.

“I congratulate the Project Leader, Tasha Burrell, and her team at UrbanGrowth NSW on creating a strong, collaborative environment with the myriad of community and interest groups vested in the project.”