Bays Precinct undergoes fitness workout
Bays Precinct undergoes fitness workout

Bays Precinct undergoes fitness workout

Surveys of local residents, schools, and sporting groups on the future recreational needs of The Bays Precinct in Sydney’s inner west have received hundreds of responses.

The surveys, conducted over a two-month period, will help UrbanGrowth NSW plan for future sport and recreational facilities that will meet the needs of future residents, workers and visitors in the precinct.

Over 800 responses were received through email and online surveys, in addition to a 500 household telephone survey that statistically represented the area surrounding The Bays Precinct.

“We’ve finished compiling the results of these surveys to help understand the requirements needed for the future,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Development Director Eric Brodie. “We’re tremendously appreciative of the participants taking their time to help us plan for the precinct.”

Respondents widely acknowledged that more sporting facilities would be welcome in The Bays Precinct, with suggestions including turf and synthetic multi-purpose playing fields, rooftop sporting facilities, basketball and tennis courts, and versatile indoor courts and facilities, including aquatic centres.

Sporting groups with a presence in the Inner West provided 25 responses, along with seven local schools.

Sporting groups and schools noted increases in membership and enrolment in the past five years, and the need for new facilities to meet this increased demand.

“The survey of local schools tells us that very few schools have sport and recreational facilities onsite. Consequently, schools are frequently using public facilities,” said Mr Brodie.

“Sporting organisations told us that they are making the best of often limited facilities available to them.”

The survey of local households showed that the top three sports for local adults were swimming, walking, and indoor gym equipment use.

“It’s important to note that these survey responses are not proposals to government. Planning for The Bays Precinct is long term and the data will help us form recommendations for the Active Recreational Needs Study, that will feed into future planning for this growth area.”

The surveys ran from 6 December 2016 to 17 February 2017.

A report on the Active Recreational Needs Study will be released this year.