Call for Great Ideas update
   Call for Great Ideas update

Call for Great Ideas update

UrbanGrowth NSW received more than 200 ideas as part of The Call for Great Ideas for the transformation of The Bays Precinct, with submissions received from 10-year-old school students in Newtown and local residents in Balmain, as well as from professionals and industry consortia in Sydney and as far afield as Copenhagen and New York.

The ideas have been reviewed by a Community Advisory Panel and a Technical Advisory Panel, and the Independent Assessment Panel has formally assessed all compliant submissions.

Ideas were received from groups and individuals, companies and industry associations, community representatives, school and university students, lecturers and academics. Submissions came from NSW and interstate, and from Canada, China, Denmark, the US and the UK.

“We had a terrific response to the Call for Great Ideas for the transformation of The Bays Precinct, in terms of both the quality and quantity of ideas,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Chief Executive, David Pitchford.

“Not only did we receive a lot of submissions, but we received some truly great ideas that will be considered as part of the final transformation plan that we will submit to Government in October.”

Around a quarter (52) of the submissions related to the White Bay Power Station, with a strong focus too on the Bays Waterfront Promenade (24 submissions) and the Bays Market District (23 submissions).

Common themes that emerged out of the ideas included:

  1. Community and culture – enhancing existing activities and facilities and introducing new ones
  2. Sustainability – the application of broad sustainability principles across The Bays Precinct, particularly in relation to water and energy use
  3. Renewable energy – suggestions that parts of The Bays Precinct could be used for the generation of renewable energy
  4. Active transport – ways to integrate active transport into the Bays Precinct
  5. Tourism – ideas for bringing tourism to The Bays
  6. R&D and education – interesting ideas for generating jobs and attracting new businesses
  7. Governance – some interesting approaches to governance and funding.

The Independent Assessment Panel has completed its assessment and recommendations are being considered by the UrbanGrowth NSW Board, and the Minister for Planning.

The Independent Assessment Panel was chaired by former mayor of Christchurch, Sir Bob Parker, who oversaw the rebuilding of the city after the 2010 - 2011 earthquake sequence, including through a similar ‘call for ideas’ process.

The Technical Advisory Panel comprised representatives of UrbanGrowth NSW and other state government agencies. The Community Advisory Panel comprised representatives from community groups from the local government areas immediately surrounding The Bays Precinct, as well as groups representing young people, community and religious organisations, unions and schools.

“The process of assessment of ideas has ensured a robust and fair process, allowing us to assemble the very best of ideas from across Sydney, Australia and beyond,” Mr Pitchford said.

All ideas received will be published later this year after the transformation plan has been approved by Cabinet.