'Celebrity' city builders converge on The Bays
'Celebrity' city builders converge on The Bays

'Celebrity' city builders converge on The Bays

MEDIA RELEASE - The Hon. Pru Goward MP, Minister for Planning, Minister for Women

With less than one week until The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit, Minister for Planning Pru Goward has announced the impressive line-up of the world’s city building thought leaders who will converge on Sydney to help guide the precinct’s transformational future.

Ms Goward said more than 60 planners, architects and other experts with experience creating globally renowned urban transformation projects in Europe, North America and Asia, will draw on their experience to look at options to breathe new life into the precinct.

"Anyone who follows high-profile urban transformation around the world knows these accomplished individuals,” Ms Goward said. “Riek Bakker, John Campbell, Rita Justesen and Alexandre Sorrentino, to name just a few – they are the celebrities of city building and The Bays Precinct deserves no less."

“They have each lead visionary metropolitan waterfront renewal projects focussed on breathing new life into debilitated industrial port areas, creating vibrant urban communities integrated with the cities around them.”

Alexandre Sorrentino is a senior representative of Marseille’s dedicated development agency, Euroméditerranée. He is a key adviser on the development of southern Europe’s largest urban renewal project, Cité de la Méditerranée, which involves transforming almost five kilometres of waterfront linking downtown Marseille with its port district. Mr Sorrentino said The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit was gaining the attention of the urban renewal community worldwide.

“Designing an urban project is a complex alchemy between hope and reality, wishful thinking and economic realities,” Mr Sorrentino said.

“That’s why I find this summit so innovative. Gathering various experiences and expertise to draw Sydney’s own path in the exciting journey to urban renewal is a very smart approach."

“Cities have a major role to play in providing for the needs of future generations. It’s an honour and a pleasure to be part of this exciting event and to be able to bring a bit of our day-to-day experience to the discussions.”

Ms Goward said the opportunities for The Bays Precinct were endless and the summit represented the first step in a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Sydney. “There’s so much potential in The Bays, but we only have one shot at getting it right, which is why we’re bringing in the best of the best,” Ms Goward said.

“This will be the largest urban renewal project the city has seen since the Olympics. “The project will create a new iconic district that I am confident will be as cherished by Sydneysiders as areas like Darling Harbour and The Rocks.

“There will be new homes, integrated with spaces for recreation, retail, tourism, commercial and maritime use. “We’re giving the experts a blank page so they can truly draw on their inspiration, imagination and experience to get the most out of this area, but there’s one important ‘non-negotiable’, the community must have free and open access to the waterfront into perpetuity, no matter what shape The Bays Precinct renewal takes.” 

The Bays Precinct Sydney International Summit attendees include:

Riek Bakker (The Netherlands)

  • Urban Planner and Landscape Architect
  • Former Director of Urban Development for the city of Rotterdam
  • Led renowned urban renewal projects including Kp van Zuid, Rotterdam and Puis Harbour, Tilburg

Rita Justesen (Denmark)

  • Architect and Chief Planner for City and Port Development, Copenhagen
  • Leading Europe's largest urban renewal project, Nordhavn Copenhagen

Joe Berridge (Canada)

  • Fellow of Urban Strategies at University of Toronto
  • Key role in largest Canadian urban renewal project - Toronto Waterfront

Mark Randel (Germany)

  • Architect
  • Oversaw Neues Museum, Berlin
  • Currently working on large urban renewal project in China, transforming former steelfactory into a culture district

Alexandre Sorrentino (France)

  • Head of International Relation & Strategic Foresight, Marseille's development agency, Euroméditeranée
  • Key role in integrated port and urban renewal project, Cité de la Méditeranée, Marseille

Peter Walker (USA)

  • 50 years expereince as landsape architect
  • Designed National 9/11 Memorial, New York

Robert Hambleton (UK)

  • Professor of City Leadership, University of West England
  • Advisor of city leadership to Royal Commisson on Auckland Governance

Bill Browning (USA)

  • Founding partner of Terrapin Bright Green - environmental strategies for large-scale developments
  • Authored several books on sustainable development

John Campbell (Canada)

  • President & CEO - Watefront Toronto
  • Led $35 billion revitalisation of Toronto Waterfront

Donald Hyslop (UK)

  • Thought leader in exploring the role of culture in urban regeneration
  • Head of Regeneration & Community Partnerships for Tate Modern Redevelopment Project

David Joy (UK)

  • Expertise in managing and developing property assets associated with major infrastructure projects
  • Director of Kings Cross development delivery partnership

Charles Landry (UK)

  • Founder of city making think tank, Comedia
  • Established Creative City index to assess cities holistically

Peter Newman (Australia)

  • Director of Sustainability Policy Institute at Curtin University
  • Oversaw sustainability aspects of Draft Sydney Metropolitan Strategy

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