Central to Eveleigh community engagement update
Central to Eveleigh community engagement update

Central to Eveleigh community engagement update

The community has been fundamental in helping to shape plans for the future transformation of government-owned land in and around the inner-Sydney rail corridor between Central, Macdonaldtown and Erskineville stations.

The Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program is about long term planning to deliver much needed new homes, jobs and community opportunities in a great location close to the city centre and public transport.

The NSW Government has also recently announced a new Metro Station at Waterloo. The station will improve transport connections for local residents, and also drive the delivery of significant new housing and generational social renewal in the area.

Transformation of the area over 15-20 years will see the complete renewal and replacement of all social housing as a minimum, additional affordable housing and integrated with planning for new public parks, community facilities and jobs. There is still significant work to be done in 2016 and the community will be invited to help inform the process each step of the way.

Earlier this year, over a two-month period, the team sought feedback on a vision for the area and 10 key moves that will bring the vision to life, including; renewing Redfern Station, strengthening arts, culture and heritage; promoting activity around stations; and delivering a choice and diversity of new homes.

We are also working closely across government to test the impact of future growth on existing infrastructure including public transport, schools, hospitals, community facilities, utilities and green space. This has helped us to identify the limitations and opportunities for new development in the area.     

We met with more than 500 people face to face, and thousands more have learnt online about the plans taking shape. We were able to confirm broad support for the proposed vision, key moves and six design principles, which we are now using to guide preparation of the urban transformation strategy for the area. In response to community feedback we have also increased our focus on environmental sustainability and safety, and we are looking at ways to better celebrate, strengthen and protect the diversity of local communities.

Consultation identified a need for us to demonstrate how the vision and key moves will translate to development on the ground. To do this we are using North Eveleigh, the area next to Carriageworks in Darlington. The North Eveleigh proposal highlights the challenges of planning new development to meet a growing need for housing in the inner city in a way that balances metropolitan, inner city and local neighbourhood interests.

The proposal includes new parks, community facilities and public art and heritage interpretation. We’re also proposing a combination of new medium and high rise buildings, with taller buildings up to 20 storeys located next to the rail line so they have minimal overshadowing or overlooking impacts, and transitioning height down to neighbouring houses. 

Throughout November we sought feedback on these plans, with around 120 people attending a workshop and more than 350 participating online to provide feedback. There was strong community concern about proposed building heights, and also interest in other issues including traffic, parking and heritage.

We are now reviewing all feedback and revising our plans for North Eveleigh before seeking further community feedback in the new year. A development proposal for the site will then be placed on exhibition later next year with further opportunity for community comment.

We will continue to engage local communities and other stakeholders with an interest in the area to realise our ambition to transform city living in the Central to Eveleigh area.

Both the urban transformation strategy and the draft plans for North Eveleigh will be placed on display for community comment next year. 

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