Commitment to protect heritage core
Commitment to protect heritage core

Commitment to protect heritage core

The UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation has reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the heritage values of Parramatta North, including the listing of its heritage core on a federal registry.

Chief Executive Officer Barry Mann addressed City of Parramatta councillors at their monthly meeting on Monday night, where he restated his commitment to put conservation at the centre of a $310m renewal of the Parramatta North precinct.

“Tonight I am reaffirming our strong support for the Parramatta North heritage core to be placed on the Commonwealth National Heritage List. While this listing is under consideration by the federal government, we will plan and act as if the heritage core has been listed.

“Parramatta North must remain relevant, connected and a vital part of Parramatta’s growth, particularly given its proximity to Australia’s largest concentration of health, education and research facilities at Westmead.

“We have the opportunity to provide education, jobs and new homes for people living just minutes from Sydney’s second largest CBD, while respecting and understanding Parramatta’s controversial past, particularly in relation to institutional care.”

The NSW Government is investing millions of dollars in the major urban renewal of Parramatta North over the next decade, including heritage conservation works, rehabilitation of the river foreshore, new public open spaces, and new infrastructure such as roads, cycleways and playgrounds.

Mr Mann also reaffirmed there would be no residential development within the heritage core and said open spaces around the buildings would remain accessible to the public.

“I want to emphasise the extent of possible homes near the heritage core and address any misinterpretation or misapprehension. The Cumberland Hospital (East Campus) precinct has the capacity for up to 1,600 homes only. Further housing would be situated north of the precinct, where residential living already exists.

“The future of the heritage core will require careful and considered thought and I reaffirm our commitment to respecting its past and protecting its legacy. We will continue to work closely with Friends of the Female Factory, ParraGirls and other groups who have a genuine interest in a shared vision for this area.”

Mr Mann said his address to council as the new Chief Executive Officer was an opportunity to reset the conversation with the community of Parramatta, to reassure residents of the opportunities for Parramatta North and reaffirm the agency’s support for a national heritage listing of the Norma Parker Centre and Female Factory site.

“Parramatta is a growing city and this is the opportunity to find new homes for people at the same time renewing the run down site, creating new open spaces, opening up the river foreshore and attracting people to an area that has been neglected for decades,” Mr Mann said.

“I call on council and the great community you represent to work with us as partners to assist us in achieving an outstanding place by supporting the National Heritage listing, by supporting our plans for renewal and to hold us to account for the commitments I have made here tonight.”