Heritage renewal to drive jobs and homes at Parramatta North
Heritage renewal to drive jobs and homes at Parramatta North

Heritage renewal to drive jobs and homes at Parramatta North

UrbanGrowth NSW is supporting the growth of Sydney’s second CBD through the delivery of new housing and jobs as part of its Parramatta North Urban Transformation Program.

UrbanGrowth NSW will make a significant upfront investment of more than $310 million over the next 7 – 10 years to enable the delivery of a vibrant new precinct which will have heritage conservation at its core.

“The price tag for this long term urban renewal project will be in the hundreds of millions,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Acting CEO Michael Brodie.

“About one third of the site will be public open space, and the entire Parramatta North transformation program will deliver around 2,700 new homes and 2,000 new jobs just minutes from the Parramatta CBD and Westmead precinct, to be serviced by the future Western Sydney light rail,” said Mr Brodie.

Substantial funds will also be used to create parks and new play areas, rehabilitate the Parramatta River foreshore and open it up to the public, and commission and install public artwork. A development application for infrastructure, subdivision and open space works has been submitted to the City of Parramatta Council.

The financial outlay includes a significant contribution towards the relocation of the Cumberland Hospital East Campus, following the transfer of land from NSW Health to UrbanGrowth NSW in February.

UrbanGrowth NSW’s Head of Western Sydney Projects Matthew Beggs said the transfer of title included the transfer of significant obligations.

“As the new owner of the land, we are committing to undertaking extensive heritage conservation works, major landscaping, public open space works and new infrastructure works such as roads, cycleways, telecommunications services and other utilities,” Mr Beggs said.

“UrbanGrowth NSW is working closely with NSW Health throughout the transformation program and the relocation of health services to fit for purpose facilities will be staged over a number of years. Health services will continue to operate as usual while they remain on the Cumberland East site.”

In addition to the health service relocations, the UrbanGrowth NSW funding will be used to pay for essential repairs to some of the heritage buildings and structures.

“Works have commenced with the first $18m of heritage repairs and archaeological investigations underway,” said Mr Beggs.

“All buildings of exceptional and high significance within the heritage core will be retained.”

Mr Brodie said the Parramatta project was one of six major urban renewal projects currently underway across Sydney and Newcastle.

“This money is a significant investment by UrbanGrowth NSW in the future of Parramatta North, and it will deliver Australia’s best heritage redevelopment. When future development lots are sold, proceeds will be reinvested back into the project.”

UrbanGrowth NSW will continue to engage with the community on the future uses of the precinct’s heritage core. A report on the ideas put forward at the community engagement event, Sprout – Growing ideas for the Parramatta North heritage precinct, will soon be released.

UrbanGrowth NSW is committed to continued engagement with local heritage, indigenous and community groups.

“We believe that through working collaboratively we’ll achieve a world class mixed use residential and heritage precinct in this incredibly heritage-rich site,” Mr Beggs said.