Heritage repair work begins at Parramatta North
Heritage repair work begins at Parramatta North

Heritage repair work begins at Parramatta North

Repair works and archaeological testing are underway at Parramatta North, as part of a program to conserve the important heritage of the area.

UrbanGrowth NSW Chief Executive David Pitchford said some heritage buildings are in poor condition and repairs will ensure they are structurally safe and weatherproof.

“UrbanGrowth NSW is repairing six heritage buildings, including four within the historic Cumberland Hospital site and two within the Norma Parker Centre (formerly the Roman Catholic Orphan School and the Parramatta Industrial School for Girls).

“Roofs, chimneys, windows, external doors, structural walls, verandahs, porticos, columns and other structures will be repaired over the next two years.

“Welsh slate is being imported for roof repairs, so that we match the original slate which was used on the buildings.

“All work will be done in accordance with approvals obtained under the Heritage Act 1977. Repairs are due for completion in mid-2018.”
Mr Pitchford said archaeological testing will also soon begin on site.

“Archaeologists will be looking for signs of Aboriginal or European activities at the site. We are hoping to find some old crockery, tools and other materials, as well as remnants of the historic water channel which connected a water mill to Parramatta River in the early 1800s,” Mr Pitchford said.

“All finds will help to better inform us about the history of the site. Archaeological testing on site will take about eight months. Any significant finds will be documented and reported to the NSW Heritage Council and the Office of Environment and Heritage.

“Both the archaeological testing and the heritage building repairs will be important steps in conserving the heritage of Parramatta North.”

A Heritage Snapshot was also launched today and provides a valuable record which summarises and illustrates Aboriginal and European history of the site.

“The publication particularly focuses on the social, physical and cultural history of the Cumberland Hospital site, the Norma Parker Centre and the Parramatta Gaol site,” Mr Pitchford said.