Latest plans for North Eveleigh on show
Latest plans for North Eveleigh on show

Latest plans for North Eveleigh on show

Latest plans for North Eveleigh on show UrbanGrowth NSW will release the latest plans for the transformation of North Eveleigh to the community next week, outlining concepts for housing, a new park and community facilities to benefit generations to come.

The plans propose concentrating new developments around stations or transport hubs, as well as new facilities and open green spaces.

North Eveleigh Program Director Troy Daly said the plans had been modified in response to community feedback.

“We presented a previous draft of the plans to the community last November and received valuable feedback,” he said.

“The latest plans include a different building layout which increases the size of the park and improves its shape and functionality. The new arrangement also increases safety through better surveillance.”

The community is being encouraged to share their ideas on the park design, the long term community use of the Clothing Store and to help name future streets and places. Online consultation will begin on 22 March followed by a workshop and drop in session to allow the community to provide further feedback on the concepts.

As part of the Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program, UrbanGrowth NSW has conducted more than two years of consultation with the community and other stakeholders, as well as studies and assessments.

“We want North Eveleigh to be a vibrant neighbourhood, and a great asset to the city,” said Mr Daly.

“We recognise that local residents have concerns about more people and more apartment buildings, so our challenge now is to make sure the design strikes the right balance and creates new green spaces and new facilities.”

Online consultation will be available through the Central to Eveleigh website until 17 April 2016. After this stage of consultation, the plans will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for formal public exhibition and comment.

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