Parramatta North set to become arts, culture, innovation and heritage hub
Parramatta North set to become arts, culture, innovation and heritage hub

Parramatta North set to become arts, culture, innovation and heritage hub

The Parramatta North heritage core is poised to become a culturally significant, community inspired and economically vibrant precinct under plans announced by the NSW Government.

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin and the Member for Parramatta Geoff Lee today outlined an emerging vision for the heritage core that acknowledges the site’s cultural landscape, its rich and controversial past as well as its untapped potential.

“Parramatta North’s Heritage Core is a publicly owned, nationally listed area that contains around 50 buildings in various states of repair and readiness, surrounded by green and open spaces that are crying out for activation,” Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said.

“With the community’s input, the NSW Government is developing a new vision that is locally contextual and globally relevant, that recognises Parramatta North as a place of stories as well as a place for active memory, including both living and past histories,” Minister Harwin said.

Geoff said the Registration of Interest (ROI) process lets the community have a say. Organisations and individuals have until February 2019 to make a submission and tell us what they can do to help bring our heritage to life.

“This is an open invitation for cultural heritage and arts organisations, social enterprises and creative industries, particularly those with local and cultural links, to come forward and work with us to create a truly unique place,” Geoff said.

“We are also keen to hear from start-ups, small businesses, innovators, not for profits and emerging businesses that align with the vision for this precinct.”

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation is leading the ROI process on behalf of the NSW Government, and has spent the past year in meaningful discussions with community groups to develop a new place identity.

“We know from those discussions that people want the heritage core to be sustainable and opened up to the public,” Geoff said.

“This announcement brings a renewed focus on the importance of this precinct and its unique place in our history,” Geoff added.

The heritage core will play an important role in supporting the NSW Government’s recently announced Cumberland Health, Education and Innovation Precinct which will include a new University of Sydney campus at Cumberland West and Parramatta North.

“This will be a vibrant and activated heritage core that fosters creative industries, innovative and social enterprises, and arts and cultural uses, within walking distance from Parramatta’s CBD and serviced by the new Parramatta Light Rail,” Minister Harwin said.

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