Statement to Parramatta Council
Statement to Parramatta Council

Statement to Parramatta Council

Barry Mann
Chief Executive Officer
UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation
Statement to Council – 12 November 2018

Last week the NSW Government announced we are entering into exclusive dealings with the University of Sydney to create a world class multidisciplinary university on the Cumberland East and West hospital sites. By 2050, the new University will have more than 25,000 students and 2,500 staff.

According to the University, every University job creates up to 10 more jobs in the area and so, their proposal expects to create more than 20,000 jobs and add more than $13 billion to the economy.

A year ago I addressed this Council and confirmed our commitment to work with Council and those groups with a long association and occupancy at the Parramatta North Growth Centre.

In the past year we have worked collaboratively with City of Parramatta Council, the National Trust, Friends of the Female Factory, ParraGirls, Deerubin Land Council and the Men’s Shed to
discuss possible uses and outcomes for the heritage core of Parramatta North. We have assisted with successful events like Heritage week, Parramatta Foundation Day and the bicentenary of the Female Factory.  

We have helped Parragirls create a “micromuseum” in the restored laundry building and have completed urgent heritage repair works on the Norma Parker Centre, the Pavilion, the recreation hall and a number of other buildings.

Importantly, we have confirmed, and I want to again reassure the people of Parramatta, that the nationally listed heritage core will remain in public ownership, there will be no residential development within the heritage core and the open spaces around the buildings will remain accessible to the public.

We are currently working with over 17 cultural, social, economic and environmental organisations to provide a vision for the heritage core that will recognise the importance of the over 40,000 years of Aboriginal history and acknowledges the almost 40,000 people who suffered over the past 200 years at the site. It’s a vision that looks to the future of the Heritage Core that can bring life to new ideas in a place of discovery, opportunity, reflection and experience. We have heard that it needs to be a place to connect, with green spaces and one that tells the Aboriginal story of the place.

We expect to be undertaking further engagement with the community and the market for uses for the Heritage Core including celebration of the heritage of the area, arts and cultural uses, creative industries, jobs and start-ups and themes that align to the
place identity.

Outside of the Heritage Core and in the period from June to August this year, UrbanGrowth NSW and Health Infrastructure undertook a market sounding with industry sectors, academia and the broader community on how to create a world leading Health, Education and Innovation Precinct in the Cumberland Hospital (East and West areas).

The University of Sydney’s proposal highlighted its unparalleled capacity, scope and commitment to invest in this city shaping campus. The university town will be permeable and blend with the
greater community. In addition to University spaces there will be commercial, retail and residential accommodation spaces.

As a result of the fantastic opportunity to bring the full scale new University to Parramatta, we will formally withdraw the development application aligned to the previous plans for this place.

We will work closely with Council to ensure we can continue with the enabling works that will allow the University of Sydney campus to come to fruition.

As part of our commitment to the Heritage Core we want to ensure the land titles are consistent with the National Listing and so we will  be discussing further with Council a new application to separate the Heritage Core from other parcels of land.

We are committed to working together to help make Parramatta North an outstanding place that recognises the past, present and future.