Sydneysiders invited to participate in the Bays transformation
Sydneysiders invited to participate in the Bays transformation

Sydneysiders invited to participate in the Bays transformation

Sydneysiders are invited to participate in the transformation of The Bays Precinct by coming to a public summit with others from across Sydney.

The Bays Precinct Sydneysiders Summit, which is open to everyone, will be held on the weekend of May 16 & 17 at Australian Technology Park, near Redfern Station.

 “We want to build public knowledge, understanding and participation in the transformation process, and that’s what the Sydneysiders Summit is all about,” said UrbanGrowth NSW Chief Executive, David Pitchford.

“The success of the transformation program for The Bays Precinct relies heavily on the involvement of all stakeholders but, above all, the people of Sydney, so we encourage Sydneysiders to participate in the Summit.

 “The Summit will also mark the start of a six-week period for public comment so if you can’t make it to the Summit there will still be a chance to provide feedback.

“The feedback we receive will further inform the plan that will underpin how the Precinct will be transformed over the next 20 to 30 years.”

Sydneysiders are encouraged to register to attend the Sydneysiders Summit online This site also has more information about The Bays Precinct and the Summit.

The program and content for both days of the Summit will be the same, with a series of short talks, ‘discovery’ displays and consultation activities that will give Sydneysiders an opportunity to provide feedback on the case for transformation, the objectives, a staging approach to the project, and overarching ambitions for different areas in the precinct.

The talks and consultation activities will be staggered throughout the day, allowing people to come and go as they wish.

In addition to the Summit, associated Leadership Forums will be held on Friday, May 15 and Monday, May 18 for groups with a particular interest in, or knowledge of, the area.

A Leadership Forum for locality stakeholders will provide an opportunity for input from residents and businesses, local community groups, Leichhardt and City of Sydney councillors and officers, and other stakeholders with a specialist interest in the health and wellbeing of the area including affordable housing advocates, health and education groups.

On Monday, May 18 there will be several Leadership Forums for industry, including representatives of architecture, design, construction, development, finance, health, innovation, education, sustainability, technology and tourism.

The Bays Precinct, which stretches across Rozelle Bay, Blackwattle Bay and White Bay, and includes the Sydney Fish Market and the heritage-listed White Bay Power Station, is 80 hectares of government-owned land just two kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. In July 2014 Premier Baird announced that UrbanGrowth NSW would lead a 20-30 year project to transform the area into a vibrant new harbour front.

Please see attached Information Sheet about the Sydneysiders Summit.