Our goal | Create the world’s most liveable urban communities

What does it mean?

We will enhance UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation’s status for delivering world class liveable places by creating places founded on equity, affordability and inclusion.

Liveability is the ability of a place to deliver quality of life to its residents and community. It measures the ability of a place to create economic prosperity, social stability and equity, educational opportunity, physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as recreation, culture and entertainment.

Liveable communities are healthy and inclusive. They are well connected by public transport to cultural and economic opportunities near and far.

Our success will be measured by our Community Wellbeing Index, aligned to the Greater Sydney Commission Liveability Framework, and benchmarked against the Deakin University Personal Wellbeing Index.

Why is it important?

Sydney’s population is growing fast and we need to think about smarter ways to get the most out of our available land.

A well-designed community takes into account the needs of people living today and future generations: where they work, where they learn, how they spend their leisure time, and how they move around. We also believe the built environment should include green space and champion the conservation of existing natural habitats, therefore bringing the natural environment back as a key component of the built environment.

Related Sustainable Development Goals








Based on research, collaboration and x the below suite of environmental targets and priorities have been developed.

Community connection

We will nurture wellbeing and connection for all that live, work and play in our communities.


  •  Arts and culture will be embedded into the creation of all new projects; and the existing character of place will be integrated into the new development to preserve local heritage.
  • Foster the integration of existing community networks and facilities into existing and future projects.


  • Drive innovative solutions for education, health and wellbeing infrastructure and services to our communities based on shared value approaches.

Health, equity & inclusion

We will create healthy, equitable, and inclusive outcomes for all members of our communities.


  • All new projects will be designed to foster health and active living, through design-led interventions for passive recreation, fitness amenities, and access to fresh food and/or services. 
  • All new projects are designed and delivered to achieve high quality walkability to key amenities, services, public transport and employment. 
  • All new projects will be modelled to reduce car dependence against the 2016 Sydney metro average with a reduction target of 80% of inner-city congestions and 50% of Greater Sydney congestion. 
  • Deliver 5-10% affordable housing across our project portfolio
  • In addition to any State Environmental Planning Policy or legislative requirements, 20% of dwellings across all new projects are ‘Design’ and ‘As-Built’ Liveable Housing Australia Silver Certified.



  • Refine our business position and identify opportunities to positively impact diversity, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Develop a Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Quality design

We will optimize the aesthetic, practical and sustainable quality of design for our communities.


  • All projects to undergo peer review through our Design Directorate or nominated independent design review panel


We will drive strong engagement with our communities and stakeholders


  • All projects to conform with our engagement policy ‘Join-In Protocol’. This protocol is the industry best practice for stakeholder engagement practice.

Safety & wellbeing

We will promote a culture of health, safety and wellbeing in all that we do and all that we oversee. 


  • We will foster a culture of safety throughout our organisation and all projects, with the aim of an incident and injury-free record.