Productive cities

Our goal | lead a global innovation economy by enabling over 45,000 new jobs

What does it mean?

We contribute to the global innovation economy by enabling 45,000 direct jobs by 2036.

Creating new jobs means creating technologically advanced urban areas that can adapt to an ever-changing jobs market.

In collaboration with Jobs for NSW and other government agencies, we will deliver world class employment and innovation hubs across our development portfolio. To do this, we’re expanding Sydney’s start-up ecosystem, strengthening its technology infrastructure and ensuring businesses provide opportunities for skills development and education.

Why is it important?

Australia’s economy continues to move away from manufacturing, towards knowledge based jobs, especially in our urban areas.

We need the infrastructure and systems in place to enable this growth in highly educated, creative thinkers if we want to stay competitive into the future. The strength of a city’s jobs market now hinges on the strength of its technology infrastructure (i.e. high-speed broadband) and its capacity to innovate (i.e. start-up incubators). Urban growth will ensure Sydney is a city where Australia’s brightest want to work and a destination city for global thought-leaders.

Related Sustainable Development Goals


Delivery outcomes


We will pioneer new ideas and foster opportunities within our innovation economy.


  • All projects will foster innovation initiatives to strengthen and expand the start-up ecosystem, technology and business. Each project will establish targets with measurable outputs
  • Measure and report annual investment in research and development to support our strategy principles of: a sustainable environment, social equity, an innovative economy and responsible governance
  • All homes to have access to high-speed broadband (20Mb+) and key public spaces will provide free Wi-Fi access


  • Advance our business approach to driving Smart Cities outcomes and fostering innovation

Training & employment

We will provide opportunities for skills development, education and employment that will help our communities thrive.


  • Our Project Teams engage in the Communities of Practice Universities Roundtable, in partnership with leading Australian institutions (run by the UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation Collaborative Learning team), supporting student and staff engagement, research and learning outcomes.
  • Projects to engage and foster education, learning or employment outcomes based on identified needs of the local and regional community. These engagement initiatives will have measurable outcome targets.
  • Works contracts with a value over $10m provide training for 10% of the project workforce, with 10% of tradespersons as apprentices. 




  • Collaborate with Jobs for NSW and other government agencies to deliver world-class employment and innovation hubs across our portfolio.
  • Adopt a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Further develop our business approach to staff volunteering